Frequently Asked Questions
What is CoinMasterTop?
CoinMasterTop is a ptc, which allows you to earn Cryptocurrencies by doing mini jobs and watching ads.
What cryptocurrencies can I earn and what is the minimum withdrawal?
You can withdraw only BNB Bep-20 and the minimum amount to withdraw must be at least.

Withdrawal # three: 1.00
How long does it take for my payment to arrive after requesting withdrawal?

We pay on the 15th of each month and at the end of each month, in short, we send the withdrawals 2 months a month.

How to get started on CoinMasterTop?
After signing up, you can simply start adding your wallet by going to settings.
Then go to the Earn Usdt tab and start watching ads.
Can you register multiple accounts to earn more?
You cannot register multiple accounts, this allows us to close your account forever with all the available balance.
What should I do if I see an error?
If you find an error please contact us by clicking the following link.
Is CoinMasterTop trustworthy?
CoinMasterTop is a totally reliable site, you can check our legitimacy in the following link.

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